Interrupt stopped publishing new content in Sept. 2014. We had 350,000 monthly readers. Some of our favorite articles are archived here. If you’re a contributor, librarian, or educator and you’d like to see more, message us to request a pdf or print issue. You can also download our free iPad App here.

In our first issue of Interrupt we asked 8-year-old girls what they like about their bodies. Photographs by Marie C.

In our first issue of Interrupt we asked 8-year-old girls what they like about their bodies. Photographs by Marie C.


We seek to transform the media through inclusivity. We believe marginalized and debut content creators can ignite and reshape public discourse and stale narratives.  

Share the resources of a magazine – editors, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, artists – with our community of collaborators and rotating Editors-in-Chief. We believe expanding access to media is expanding access to power & privilege. 

Have an Editor-in-Chief that changes with each issueWe expand the creative capacity of grassroots media makers by employing them to takeover the magazine as single-issue editors-in-chief, and respectfully shift power in order to gain greater insight and make space for more perspectives. 

Invest in Debut Content Creators- people who infrequently contribute to public forums and/or who have been rarely if ever published by a media outlet - to change the voices, narrators, and leaders in new media conversations.


We have developed a reliable network of (50+) artists and writers that we pair with collaborator-audience members to craft strong content.

We have handed over editorial power to an NYC youth group called Project SOL, a Pan-African womanist collective called HOLAAfrica, a photographer Marie C, vlogger Machaizelli Kahey, and an education org DIY Girls

We have published 200+ people, the majority were first time content creators. Contributors are approximately 80% women, 2/3 POC, ⅓ LGBT, ⅓ under 18. Informal observation and feedback show a contributor trend of increased participation in both mainstream and social media spaces.

Since March 2013 there have been five issues,  including one print issue. Many Interrupt stories have gone viral, created lively discussion, and received fantastic press!


Interrupt is the first participatory magazine of its kind. A new editor-in-chief and editorial staff take over each issue. We find storytellers, with a focus on youth marginalized and misrepresented by mainstream media, who have unique life experiences that make them incredible curators and thought-leaders. By resourcing them with the assets of a magazine -- office space, editors, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists -- we co-create content that delights, intrigues, and inspires our audience. See some of our top stories here: I Like My Body Because it's Magic, Growing up Chinese in America (podcast), and A Bra That Fits.

The project was born after hundreds of women responded to an open letter Cameron Russell wrote asking, “What would you say if you had access to mass media?”  after her TED talk on privilege and access to media went viral . Through this new project, the New York Times reported, Interrupt hopes to "share the press with some women who really are doing fantastic things" -- offering the limelight to people who wouldn't necessarily be offered it otherwise -- and the results, reports CNN, are “changing the conversation.”

A cartoon drawn by David V. at an Interrupt media making workshop for issue 4 LGBT*love 

A cartoon drawn by David V. at an Interrupt media making workshop for issue 4 LGBT*love 


Statistics show that diversity in mainstream media is pretty dismal. Men comprise 80-90 percent of contributors to key opinion forums and 83 percent of Congress, which is why public debate all but excludes the female half of the population. When women and other marginalized groups do get access, they often have to fit into a narrow definition of what the people in charge are looking for.

We designed Interrupt in a way that allows dynamic online content to be created and curated by different voices on a consistent basis. We focus not just on creating better media, but incubating and nourishing fresh voices so that we may all live in a better media climate. We believe power comes from public agenda setting, storytelling, framing, narrating.

An essay for the DIY issue by Courtney Szto 

An essay for the DIY issue by Courtney Szto 


You can now download these mini mags with highlights from our past issues straight to your iphone, kindle, or desktop. Enjoy!

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