1. Internet Connection 2. Twitter 3. Instagram 4. Free Raffle 5. Computer Access 6. DLSR Camera 7. Cameron's Social Media Network 8. Brand Name gifts & Feminist Literature 


Generating attention around the giveaway of seemingly contradictory products (designer handbags and feminist literature) will increase conversation critical to the mission of our magazine.


We have easy access to nice, designer handbags and other luxury items, and we have a strong interest in feminist literature, progressive politics, and quirky independently crafted goods. We don’t think the two pools of items are mutually exclusive - women and men who like a nice handbag are also known to love bell hooks. But there is abject fascination and infatuation with the former, and not so much with the latter. We created a whimsical new giveaway strategy to combine the two, as part of our social media strategy. The rules of the giveaway are easy to follow. Simply retweet the message about the giveaway and get x amount of new followers to follow Interrupt. The first person to gain the amount of followers we challenged, will received the designer bag, filled with a curated selection of work that reflects our mission. The winner of this contest therefore, is someone who is a successful advocate for our website (as evidenced by their skill in directing followers) and has the potential to be extremely conversant in our site’s mission (with the materials we’ve presented to them).


Engage and reward our active audience members with a fun but meaningful give-away of designer bags and feminist literature.


Expand and connect our network with new members that are unfamiliar with Interrupt Magazine.


  1. Find items for the give-away that would excite your audience.  By definition, luxury items are a luxury--having the opportunity to receive one for free would pique the attention of most people; knowing that they get to be a part of such a unique give-away is also exciting.
  2. Use the give-away as an opportunity to expand your audience.  Interrupt Magazine didn’t want to just give away fancy bags and great literature, we wanted to provide a playful twist on symbols of femininity, status, and culture.  That’s why we decided to promote and structure the give-away through Twitter and Instagram: whomever could get a certain amount of followers to re-Tweet and follow us the fastest wins the prize.
  3. Announce a Winner. Connecting your network to the person who worked to bring their network to you is another opportunity to expand our audience and increase the conversation around our future giveaways.



Interrupt Magazine acquired over 50 new followers on Twitter in less than 12 hours through our first giveaway and approximately the same amount on Instagram as well.