1. Internet Connection 2. Older people who want to share photos 3. Free Instagram app 4. Smartphones 5. Personal Computers 6. Partnership with senior programs like JASA


An effort to get senior citizens on Instagram will result in a community that is more networked, influential, & tech-saavy.


We partner with JASA, the Jewish Association Serving the Aging, and hold interactive technology workshops with the dozens of centers in their network. Our work has taken us from centers in the the Bronx, to the Bay Ridge neighborhood in Brooklyn, to the Upper East Side. The composition of these sessions range from groups composed of Russian women, to groups of women and men of Caribbean descent. We can accommodate sessions on computers gathered around on PC screens, and using all tablets and smartphones with the Instagram mobile app. We aim to make the various ways to access social media as tools for media making crystal clear to senior citizens.


Connect senior citizens with the perfect outlet for their social media debut, cracking open the plethora of opportunities for self-expression available online.


Expand expectations for senior citizens to be present on social media. Our social networks can only reach their full potential if older people (and all people) hold a stake in the development and distribution.


Currently in progress.