"The most important factor of DIY feminism is that it spreads the responsibility of feminism beyond the hands of intellectuals and elites into the hands of everyone so that every person can be an active agent of social change, regardless of the scope." -Courtney Stzo for Interrupt

Objective: To publish as many debut content creators as possible Results: Over 200 people published, the majority were first time content creators, 80% women, 67% POC, 33% LGBT, 25% under 18



"Probably my favorite exhibition." -Nicole Charlie, visitor to the Genius Lab

Objective: engage as many people as possible in creating their own media. Results: 600 visitors over 4.5 days, over 1000 pieces of unique media created

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"I grew up with domestic violence, and I know a house can be an unhappy place, but it can also be a safe space depending on the people you’re living with and working with. So our challenge was to build the home we wanted and also to understand the history of this house, where we are, and what a home means." - Misra Walker, artist activist

Objective: create safe spaces & build community Results: in a one-month residency 8 artists created over 50 original works, transformed 10 rooms, sold 50% at opening, and ran a game night & dinner party attended by over 150 people 



"Throughout the 3-day hackathon, folks created some amazing projects, such as a vending machine bill acceptor that sucked 100 dollar bills at the same rate money has been spent this election cycle (it was really fast!), political speech karaoke, and a voting booth that just can't accept "no".- Paul Tagliamonte, researcher & hacker

Objective: build engaging campaign finance interventions through creative collaboration & inclusive hacker culture Results: 175 visitors at opening, 11 unique interventions, diverse participants  View the projects & download the zine.



"My 5-year-old daughter loved the idea, and made her own." -Lenka, Interrupt reader, commenting on "I like my body because it's magic"

Objective: connect professional media makers with communities marginalized from mainstream media to experiment in community storytelling & invest narratives that move the audience without simplifying the truth Results: produced multiple short films and photo series that have garnered hundreds of thousands likes and shares, incredible press coverage, and thought-provoking conversations

PROJECTS INCLUDE:  I Like My Body Because it's MagicIt's Okay to Love MeCelebrate Every Now & ThenThe Fire This TimeInterrupt Hangout Series



"I’m proud to be a girl and proud to be a transgender girl. I wouldn’t change myself at all. Being transgender makes me who I am; a strong person, a confident person. Being transgender gives me my personality." - Jazz, age 12, for We Are The Youth

Objective: create media that grows effective community story telling for youth marginalized and misrepresented in the media Update: Publishing a book of 80 LGBT youth across American with personal essays and portraits 



Objective: Build a replicable model for illuminating and growing safe spaces for gay youth in NYC Update: Engaged youth leaders and created a portrait hanging project that reinforces safe spaces.



Objective: invest in debut content creators providing them with the knowledge and the resources to contribute to public forums Update: we have held tens of workshops around New York, at the Bay Ridge Senior Center, to Grand Street settlement in the Lower East Side, to Columbia's DDC summer program reaching hundreds of new media makers ages 5-95!