Meet some of our collaborators

We have organized hundreds of creators and counting. Why? These grassroots creators challenge overly-determined analyses of power derived from scarce resources like wealth, political office, race, gender, age, and education. They provide an alternative, creative toolkit to build sustainable, democratic communities using abundant resources. Often they are first responders to complex social issues whose resolutions are rarely on the horizon. The projects they lead are replicable, sustainable, impactful, and engaged.

We believe their work can illuminate sites of hope for the growing number of us who feel marginalized from mainstream political and economic systems. Check back soon to see their portfolios!

Our mission is to provide resources, build networks, and collaborate with artists making socially engaged art who are: 

  • “Emerging” : May have a robust online following but are unknown to mainstream media 

  • “In Need” : Will tangibly benefit from additional exposure, resources, and networks

  • “Marginalized” : We prioritize collaborators who are women, people of color, LGBTQ, low-income and other marginalized individuals

  • “Balanced” : For every high-profile/well-connected artist taking part in a publication/exhibition/intervention, we also have an artist who is emerging/in need of support

Want to collaborate & think this describes you? Email us at for more information.