Our mission at Space-Made is to build the capacity needed for grassroots creators to speak and work as experts and problem solvers, work only they can do.

How do we do it?

Organizing.  We believe in organizing creators, not constituents. Over home-cooked meals, games of uno, in mock genius bar computer labs, and on twitter we create spaces that engage a diversity of creators, thinkers, and problem solvers. We incubate their work and bring together creators and investors who want to make effective and impactful change.

Spacemaking. Why spacemaking not placemaking? We know places already exist! The challenge is making space to illuminate, amplify, and grow the creative power that is already there. Tapping into existing networks of power we bring together grassroots change makers, artists, technologists, and strangers to create and collaborate. These projects support economic diversity especially though fostering connections and growing networks across geographically and culturally diverse people.

Media. At Space-Made we experiment in community storytelling, often with a focus on youth marginalized and misrepresented by mainstream media. We believe expanding access to media is expanding access to power & privilege.

Research. Our areas of study include collaborative networks, street art, cell phones, handcuffs, and jump rope. We are fascinated by creative uses for abundant resources. We want to find and grow replicable projects. We do not judge methods, we evaluate impact.

We are located in Downtown Brooklyn. You can reach us at hello@space-made.com.